Tee RedHi! I’m Te-Erika Patterson. I’m from Miami, Florida and I currently live in Los Angeles.

I am a prolific digital content creator. I am a Multi-Media Journalist and Mental Health and Personal Success teacher. I am the mom of two amazing sons, SaiDON and Solomon.

I am inspired by the amazing achievements of Malcolm Gladwell, Kanye West, Nikola Tesla, Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou,  and Harriett Tubman. Each of these people have irrevocably impacted the way I view myself and the scope of my capabilities.

Formal education? Sure, I have some.  I graduated from Miami Jackson Senior High School in 1997 and then went on to study Journalism at the University of Florida. I later studied Marriage/Family Counseling as a graduate student at Barry University.

As a journalist, I am proud of my body of work. My writing has appeared in dozens of publications both online and in print including The Atlantic, Forbes.Com, Entrepreneur.Com, Smithsonian.Com, Mom.Me, The Miami Herald, DigiDay, YourTango, xoJane and The Huffington Post.

Digital Branding & Small Business Consultant

As a Digital Branding & Marketing Strategist, I help small businesses to create strong, engaging brand identities and brilliant marketing strategies. As a freelance blogger I enjoy writing about digital marketing and entrepreneurial business success for several websites.

The Rebuild Your Life Project

I created The Rebuild Your Life Project, an empowerment outreach aimed to teach women to overcome their fear of failure. In April 2011, I gave away everything that I owned and became homeless on purpose. I aimed to teach women how to overcome extreme failure by placing myself into the most hopeless situation and documenting my journey while teaching mental strategies for overcoming hopelessness. I shared my 4 month journey into and out of homelessness in a video series on my youtube channel and in writing on my women’s empowerment blog, MySavvySisters.Com.

The Rebuild Your Life Project- Los Angeles

In June 2012 I moved to Los Angeles with less than $200, no friends or family and no support so that I could teach how to navigate starting over in life in a new city. I have been chronicling my journey on my Youtube channel and sharing survival strategies and tips on how to handle the emotional stresses of living on your own without support. I have a blog dedicated to sharing tips for moving to Los Angeles. 

My objective was to offer $4,000 in grants to Los Angeles transplants to celebrate their bravery in going after their dream of relocating to Los Angeles. I am raising the money for the grants through my own personal income.

Embrace Your Fantasy

My main Youtube channel is called Embrace Your Fantasy. I created it because I wanted to teach people how to achieve their wildest dreams. To date, my Youtube channel hosts more than 800 inspirational and intellectually provocative videos that provide unique wisdom for many of life’s complexities.

Parenting Blogger

I am also an established Parenting writer. I have written more than 200 parenting blog posts, news articles and features stories for Mom.Me.

Mental Health Blogger

Abuse Is Not A Secret is a mental health blog that offers a space for psychology professionals, authors and those who are dealing with the aftermath of addiction, emotional, spiritual or physical abuse to share their stories and healing techniques.

Women’s Empowerment Blogs

I am the creator of FemaleLedSociety.Org, a website that aims to educate the masses on the importance of supporting women in leadership.

My women’s empowerment blog, MySavvy Sisters.Com is a website dedicated to providing resources, information and inspiration to empower women to survive life’s trickiest circumstances.

With more than 1000 posts to date, I have presented original inspirational articles, original motivational videos, local and federal resources for survival, timely world news of interest, free mentoring, free give-aways and so much more.

Since 2011, My Savvy Sisters has also offered FREE emotional crisis counseling, scholarships and financial assistance to women. To date I have offered more than 300 women the emotional and financial support they need to survive and thrive in life.

I am the creator of FemaleLedSociety.Org, a website that advocates for the ascension of female leadership in society.

I am the creator of LovingFLR.Com, a website that celebrates Female Led Relationships. Female Led Relationships are relationships were the woman’s happiness, satisfaction and progress are the main priority. She sets standards and expectations for the relationship and her partner happily works to meet them, ensuring that she has everything she needs to create a great life for herself and their family.

I am also known as Queenie, the Publisher of ConquerHim.Com. Conquer Him (With Love) is the alternative to LovingFLR.Com with a wider range of topics including BDSM, kink, gender role reversal and analysis of society’s acceptance of female leadership and authority.

In order to encourage the success of Female Led Relationships I facilitate a web based coaching program for anyone who wants to learn more about how to create Female Led Relationships. I coach women on how to structure their relationships and how to be more confident leaders. I also coach single men on how to prepare to be an asset to a Powerful Woman.

My hope is to empower women through introducing them to the concept of Female Led Relationships and use my skills as a matchmaker to introduce them to men who truly want to cherish and support a Powerful Woman.

Radio & Internet Television Host

I spent time as the radio host and producer of Keeping It Together with Te-Erika on WBRY 1640 AM, while a graduate student at Barry University. During my weekly show I shared insights about relationships, both romantic and platonic, that encouraged listeners to have faith in their life path.

In 2009 hosted a weekly internet talk show called Krib TV’s Embrace Your Fantasy that broadcast LIVE from the top of the Sony Building on South Beach. I interviewed music artists and professionals from the South Florida music scene, allowed them to perform and offered them awards for going after their dreams. My show ran for 13 episodes and some of them can be found on Youtube.


I  am the author of 5 eBooks that speak to the strategic development of the whole person, all of which are available on Amazon. In 2011 I published my first print self help book- It’s Not A Sin To Be Single.

Mini Documentaries

I have created 2 mini documentaries to share compelling stories. Bad Medicine: A Drug Relapse Documentary and The Dragon Slayer: Hope for the African American Community.

Spoken Word Artist

I love art and am passionate about supporting visual and creative arts. Some people know me from my days as a spoken word artist but it’s been a while.

Dream Catcher

I have achieved every dream that I have ever had. I don’t believe I have any limitations. If I choose to make waves in this world in any field that I desire, I know that I can, simply because I am capable and it would be fun to do.

CONTACT: Contact{at}MySavvySisters.Com

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