Hi! I’m Te-Erika and I am dedicated to the advancement of women. My mission is to create world peace through improved mental health and this begins with supporting women. I was born and raised in Liberty City/Miami, Florida and I now live in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am a prolific Digital Content Producer, creating content for Mental Health and Personal Success. I use my skills as a Content Creator and Digital Entrepreneur to present content that empowers people to overcome life’s trickiest circumstances. I am the mom of two amazing sons, SaiDON and Solomon.

My digital empire consists of several blog platforms, 3 YouTube channels, 2 music albums, 4 podcasts, an online school, multiple coaching programs, e-commerce stores, 14 books and ebooks, more than 1300 original videos and more than 2,000 original blog posts and articles. All of my creative work aims to improve mental health in the pursuit of world peace.

I am inspired by the amazing achievements of Malcolm Gladwell, Kanye West, Nikola Tesla, Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou,  and Harriett Tubman. Each of these people have irrevocably impacted the way I view myself and the scope of my capabilities.

Formal education? Sure, I have some.  I graduated from Miami Jackson Senior High School in 1997 and then went on to earn a BS in Journalism at the University of Florida. I later studied Marriage/Family Counseling as a graduate student at Barry University.

As a journalist, I am proud of my body of work. My writing has been featured in dozens of publications both online and in print including The Atlantic, Fox News, Forbes.Com, Entrepreneur.Com, Smithsonian.Com, Mom.Me, The Miami Herald, DigiDay, YourTango, xoJane, Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post among many other publications.

This is a record of my creative work. All concepts produced without influence or permission.


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Introduced my first blog– I created Share My World on blogspot in 2003 before I knew how to create hyperlinks, before people were blogging for money, before I had any idea it would become my career. I wrote about my life after college up until 2011. Share My World had been archived and unavailable to the public. It has now been re released as a complete chronological archive in November 2018.


Mental Health & Personal Success YouTube Channel – My main Youtube channel is called Embrace Your Fantasy. I created it because I wanted to teach people how to achieve their wildest dreams. To date, Embrace Your Fantasy hosts more than 1200 inspirational and intellectually provocative videos that provide unique wisdom for many of life’s complexities.


Mini Documentary – I created a mini documentary in 2008 as a project for my graduate school program – The Dragon Slayer: Hope for the African American Community.


Radio Host – I spent time as the radio host and producer of Keeping It Together with Te-Erika on WBRY 1640 AM, while a graduate student at Barry University. During my weekly show I shared insights about relationships, both romantic and platonic, that encouraged listeners to have faith in their life path.

Internet Television Show Host – In 2009 hosted a weekly internet talk show called Krib TV’s Embrace Your Fantasy that broadcast LIVE from the top of the Sony Building on South Beach. I interviewed music artists and professionals from the South Florida music scene, allowed them to perform and offered them awards for going after their dreams. My show ran for 13 episodes and some of them can be found on Youtube.


Mini Documentary –  In 2010, I created a drug relapse mini documentary for my graduate school program: Bad Medicine: A Drug Relapse Documentary.

Spoken Word Artist – I performed regularly at open mic nights in South Florida. Some people may remember me as a spoken word artist, but it’s been a while.


Book Published– I published my first print self help book- It’s Not A Sin To Be Single.

Mental Health Website– I created MySavvySisters.Com, a website dedicated to providing resources, information and inspiration to empower women to survive life’s trickiest circumstances. With more than 1000 posts to date, I have presented original inspirational articles, original motivational videos, local and federal resources for survival, timely world news of interest, free mentoring, free give-aways and so much more. Since 2011, My Savvy Sisters has also offered FREE emotional crisis counseling, scholarships and financial assistance to women. To date I have offered more than 300 women the emotional and financial support they need to survive and thrive in life.

E-Book PublishedThe 1% Mentality: The Difference Between the Haves and the Have Nots

E-Book Published – Small Steps To Achieve Big Dreams: For Future World Changers

E-Book PublishedGet Over Him!: How To Move On After a Break Up

E-Book PublishedHow To Train Your Man

The Rebuild Your Life Project– In April 2011, I gave away everything that I owned and became homeless on purpose for The Rebuild Your Life Project. I aimed to teach women how to overcome their fear of failure while documenting my journey into and out of homelessness on my women’s empowerment blog, MySavvySisters.Com. During this 4 month journey as a homeless woman, I also filmed videos showing my journey and teaching mental strategies for overcoming hopelessness. I posted these videos in real time in a series on my YouTube channel so that my subscribers could follow along.

Job Fair for Women in Distress – During The Rebuild Your Life Project I organized a job fair for homeless women.

Rental Assistance Grant – During The Rebuild Your Life Project, I gave away a $650 Rental Assistance Grant to help a woman to keep her home.

Denny’s Job Fair Initiative – After The Rebuild Your Life Project was completed, I invited Denny’s Restaurant to hold a job fair for the community in South Florida. Denny’s Restaurant  partnered with The Rebuild Your Life Project to interview and offer jobs to unemployed people. See the video. 


The Rebuild Your Life Project- Los Angeles – In June 2012 I moved to Los Angeles with less than $200, no friends or family and no support to film The Rebuild Your Life Project- Los Angeles.  I invited the readers of my blog, MySavvySisters.Com to choose a city for me to move to so that I could demonstrate how to start over in life in a new city all by yourself. My blog readers chose Los Angeles. With a 6 week deadline to prepare, I bought a one way ticket, vowing to move to a city I had never even visited before, secure housing, employment and have a few adventures.

I have been chronicling my journey on my YouTube channel and sharing survival strategies for supporting yourself financially during a life transition and tips on how to handle the emotional stresses of living on your own without support.

Grants For Women Achievers – My ultimate goal with the Rebuild Your Life Project- Los Angeles was to give away $4,000 in grants to women who have started over in life in Los Angeles successfully.

Two grants have been awarded so far; $1000 to Jai from Dallas and $1,000 to Essa from Minnesota. I am raising the money for the grants through my own personal income.

50 Interviews With Successful L.A. Transplants – I set a goal to interview 50 people who have moved to Los Angeles  successfully to use a resource for others who are poised to make the same life transition. This goal has been achieved.


Music Video Producer- I wrote the lyrics, composed the beat, performed the song, shot and edited the video for Rebuild Your Life Music Video on my laptop with no professional training or equipment.

Parenting Blogger – I am an established Parenting writer. From 2013-2016 I wrote more than 200 parenting blog posts, news articles and features stories for Mom.Me.

E-Book Published – The Unloveables

E-Book PublishedKiss My Girlfriend (Erotic Fiction Short Story)


Resource Website for Moving to Los Angeles – In 2014 I created a website dedicated to sharing tips for hopeful Los Angeles transplants called Moving To LA TODAY.  

Moving To Los Angeles YouTube Channel: I created a companion YouTube channel, Moving To LA Today to showcase interviews with some of the most interesting Los Angeles transplants, awesome businesses as well as introduce the key players in the Los Angeles community.

Mental Health Blog for Victims of Abuse – Abuse Is Not A Secret, created in 2014, is a mental health blog that offers a space for abuse victims to share their stories openly without judgment. Psychology professionals, authors and those who are dealing with the aftermath of addiction, emotional, sexual, spiritual or physical abuse are also welcome to share their stories and healing techniques.

Relationship Blog for Female Led Relationships – In 2014, I created the now defunct site- Conquer Him (With Love). Conquer Him explored the dynamic of female led relationships where the woman held the supreme authority in the relationship. At the time I was a student of this relationship style and had no professional or personal knowledge of its dynamics. Instead of publishing my own personal experience stories, I invited women and men who were a part of female led relationships to share their stories on my blog in essays and interviews.


Relationship Coaching Program – In 2015, I created my first Relationship Coaching Program for men. I taught them how to prepare for, initiate and maintain a female led relationship. By the end of 2015 I had created a Relationship Coaching Program for women.

Digital Education Program – I created the Conquer Him Academy, an online school that offers instant access to digital Female Led Relationship coaching classes.

Private Social Community – In 2015 I created the Loving FLR Community (formerly known as the Conquer Him Community before rebranding), a private membership community that connects people who celebrate Loving Female Led Relationships.


Relationship Blog for Loving Female Led Relationships -While teaching female led relationships and running the coaching programs I recognized that there was an underlying distinction that was largely ignored in the interviews that I had done. From the many women and couples that I had spoken with, coached and interviewed I determined that there were two different types of Female Led Relationships; Femdom Female Led Relationships and (I introduced the term) Loving Female Led Relationships. Femdom Female Led Relationships focus on controlling the man while Loving Female Led Relationships focus on empowering the woman. I decided that I would become a teacher of what I called Loving Female Led Relationships, which had not formally been recognized as a relationship style.

I created LovingFLR.Com, a website that celebrates Loving Female Led Relationships. Loving Female Led Relationships are relationships were the woman’s happiness, satisfaction and progress are the main priority. She is the leader of the relationship and the household. She sets standards and expectations for the relationship and her partner happily works to meet them, ensuring that she has everything she needs to create a great life for herself and their family.

Relationship Advice YouTube Channel – Loving Female Led Relationships was created to teach fundamental principles behind establishing healthy, loving Female Led Relationships that empower women.

Relationship Coaching Program – In order to encourage the success of Loving Female Led Relationships I began to facilitate a web based coaching program for women called Loving FLR Leadership Coaching. I coach women on how to become more assertive, confident leaders in their relationships and in society. I also coach single men on how to prepare to be an asset to a Powerful Woman.

Digital Education Program – I created the Loving FLR Academy, an online school that offers instant access to digital LOVING Female Led Relationship coaching classes.

Website For Women’s Leadership Movement–  In 2016 I set out to lay the foundation for the establishment of a Female Led Society.  I am the creator of FemaleLedSociety.Org, a website that aims to educate the masses on the importance of supporting women in leadership and the ascension of female leadership in society.

E-Commerce Store – In 2016 I established FLRStyle.Com, an eCommerce store that offers custom t-shirts, jewelry, household items and swag for people who want to show pride for their Loving Female Led Relationships.

Digital Branding & Marketing Consultant – As a Digital Branding & Marketing Strategist, I help small businesses to create strong, engaging brand identities and brilliant marketing strategies.

Background Actor – In 2016 I began a 7 month journey in entertainment as a background actor on more than 70 television shows, commercials and films including Shameless, Disjointed, Lethal Weapon, Court TV with Christina Perez, NCIS Los Angeles, SWAT, Bones, This is Us, Scandal, Insecure, How To Get Away With Murder, Code Black, Desperate Waters (2017), Bright (2017), Newness (2017) and A Wrinkle In Time (2018). 


Brand Ambassador and Promotional Model – I began working as an experiential marketing brand ambassador and promotional model for established brands such as the Los Angeles Rams, Lindor Chocolate, Anime Expo, Sprint, L’Oreal, Clairol, Milani, YouTube, Dos XX, Kiss Lashes, Cricket Wireless, Dannon Yogurt and many more.

Catering Server – I began working as an on-call catering server for the best catering companies in Los Angeles, serving guests at a variety of events from the Emmy’s to luncheons to weddings to holiday parties in private homes.

Book Published – In June 2017 I published my second print relationship book- She Wants: A Loving Female Led Relationship. SheWants is the textbook that defines Loving Female Led Relationships.

Facebook Group for Los Angeles Transplants – I created an active Facebook Group for (hopeful) Los Angeles Transplants called MTLA- Moving To Los Angeles. People join the group to meet others, ask questions and find support before moving to Los Angeles. This group is help for making a successful transition in life.


Matchmaking Service – In 2018, I created the Loving FLR Matchmaking Service. Through the Loving FLR Matchmaking Service, I connect Powerful Women with the Gentlemen who adore them. My hope is to empower women through introducing them to the concept of Loving Female Led Relationships and use my skills as a matchmaker to introduce them to men who truly want to cherish and support a Powerful Woman. Men must complete a 4 week training program and a background check to participate in the Matchmaking Service.’

Corporate Training Program for Sexual Harassment – I created The New Rules for Engaging Women at Work to help end sexual harassment in the workplace. The New Rules set firm guidelines for men who are confused and afraid to interact with women following the destruction caused by women raising their voices against sexual abuse during the #MeToo Movement. The New Rules outlines which behaviors are acceptable and which are not acceptable when interacting with women in the workplace. It also examines how power induced by fear of men will damage our business culture and challenges women to become intentional leaders.

Book Published – In March 2018 I published my 3rd print relationship advice book- How to Love a Powerful Woman: The Gentleman’s Guide to Loving Female Led Relationships. How to Love a Powerful Woman is a guidebook to teach men how to prepare for, attract and be an asset to a woman who is assertive and powerful.

Facebook Group for Women in Healthy Relationships – I created a closed Facebook group called Happy Women In Love because I believe there are women who are actually happy in their relationships and I want to celebrate them. Men are only allowed in the group by invitation. No male bashing is allowed. This group is for all women and all sexual orientations.

Fiction DRAMA Series – I created my very first on-going drama series called CORRECTION. Readers can follow along with this text based Soap Opera to learn about how the principles of Loving Female Led Relationships impact the lives of the characters. Filled with drama, thrills, suspense, romance and sex. Subscribers receive episodes by email.

Book Published – In June 2018 I published the Loving Female Led Relationship COUPLES WORKBOOK which helps couples establish relationships that empower women.

Book Published – In September 2018 I published Loving Female Led Relationship Stories, a collection of real stories from real people in relationships where the woman’s happiness is the primary focus.

Podcast Producer and Host– In October 2018 I created Mental Illness Mental Brilliance, a podcast which explores the connection between mental health and personal success. I am the producer and host.

Mental Health & Personal Success Blogger – In October 2018 I created Mental Brilliance, the companion blog for the Mental Illness Mental Brilliance podcast which showcases the most outstanding minds with mental illness and their coping strategies.

Workshop Instructor – In October 2018 I facilitated my first series of live workshops in the Broward County community. I taught How To Self Publish a Self Help Book in 30 Days, How to Turn A Blog Into a Business and How to Set Up an Online School

Blog Re LaunchShare My World, my original personal blog has been relaunched as an archive and is now public once again. It chronicles in exquisite detail, my daily life after graduating from undergrad in 2003 until 2011.

Book Published – In December 2018 I published A Manifesto for a Female Led Society. I outline my vision for a Society that embraces and prefers the leadership of women.


Podcast Producer and Host – In January 2019 I created the Female Led Society podcast to share the objectives for the establishment of our Female Led Society.

Book Published – In January 2019 I published The Enlightened Submissive: Untwisting the Kink of Submission. This book challenges men who label themselves as submissive to stop harassing women to dominate them, turn away from their obsession with kink and learn how to be sincere supporters of women.

Social Issue Advocacy to END Hate Crime and Bullying – Creator of the Alternative LOVE Day (the OTHER Valentine’s Day) on March 14th. Alternative LOVE Day celebrates Alternative LOVE and relationships with a 14 day moratorium on hate crimes and discrimination against Alternative LOVE relationships like interracial relationships, polyamory, lesbian, trans, gay, Loving Female Led Relationships and more.

PSA Video Producer – Creator of the Who Cares About Love? Anti-Bullying and Discrimination PSA video.

Digital Conference Producer – In March 2019 I will host The Alternative LOVE Conference, my very first Digital Conference. The Alternative LOVE Conference encourages discussion and acceptance of alternative love and relationships.

Affirmation Video Podcast  – In March 2019 I created the AFFIRM YOURSELF video series filled with personal life guidance affirming personal responsibility and peace of mind.

Facebook Group for New York Transplants – I created an active Facebook Group for (hopeful) New York Transplants called Moving To New York. People join the group to meet others, ask questions and find support before moving to New York. This group is help for making a successful transition in life.

Free and Fearless Life Web Series – In April 2019, I began the Free and Fearless Life Web Series, a living documentary of my adventures as a travel vlogger and Black female digital nomad, traveling the country alone.

Te-Erika The Oracle – In May 2019 I stepped into my destiny and became Te-Erika The Oracle, the bearer of mental freedom. After giving more than 100 intuitive card readings with 98% accuracy I accepted my gift as a divine voice of wisdom. I offer Angel Card Readings.

Free and Fearless Life Coaching Programs– In June 2019 I launched the Free & Fearless Life CONFIDENCE and DIGITAL BRANDING Coaching Programs. These programs help people develop the skills and confidence to live life on their own terms.

Free & Fearless Life ALBUM – In October 2019, I released my debut album Free & Fearless Life on Soundcloud. The Free & Fearless Life ALBUM has 7 tracks, Not Sorry, My Moment, Blended Being, Talk Back, Tough Girl, I Am and Free & Fearless Life. All songs were written and performed by me and produced by my music producer son SaiDON. I call this genre inspirational music and I used this medium to share important values that I wanted to express to women. The first 6 songs were written over 2 days while I was in Cincinnati. The title song was a derivative of the intro theme song for the Free & Fearless Life Web Series.

Dramatic Fiction Audio Book Series on YouTube- in October I created the dramatic fiction audio book series –Shia: The Era of Our Female Led Society. I wrote this book in installments and posted them to Youtube as I wrote them. The story follows the saga of a team of 8 women managing the world as the leaders of our Female Led Society.

Facebook Group for New Orleans transplantsMoving to New Orleans is the best Facebook group to find support for Moving to New Orleans.


NOLA VIBES – Youtube series chronicling my life after moving to New Orleans.

Greater New Orleans Unity Vigil – Community outreach to identify those who support racial justice for Blacks in New Orleans.

Borderline Personality Disorder Series – I discovered that I have traits of Borderline Personality Disorder and I chronicle my feelings about this new shift in my life.

Borderline 24/7 ALBUM – On August 15, 2020 I released the Borderline 24/7 album. This album is dedicated to those with Borderline Personality disorder and features original songs and music aimed to soothe and uplift during emotional crisis.

Book Published – In September 2020 I self published Do You Still Love Me?: Comfort and Wisdom for Abuse Victims with Borderline Personality Disorder, a self help book for managing the symptoms and mental distress commonly associated with BPD.

Hug Me Comfort Wrap – I created a comfort wrap for people who are lonely during the pandemic. I designed it to be a hug for people who need hugs. It feels like a good hug. I had it manufactured and wanted to produce it but could not afford to.

FREE Lawn Care for Single Women in New Orleans – I found that it was tough to find reliable help to maintain my yard so I bought a weed wacker to do it myself. I then offered to relieve some of the stress of single women in the same situation so I organized a FREE lawn care service to trim their yards and offer FREE lawn care equipment to women in need.

CandyMan Services – CandyMan Services is a Hands on Handyman Escort Service that offers support for women in New Orleans. Women choose a CandyMan for reliable support with household and automotive maintenance, food preparation, companionship, hugs & massages and more!


Te-Erika Diary on OnlyFans – I created my OnlyFans account to share daily updates of intimate details of my life with my superfans.


Dream Catcher

I have achieved every dream that I have ever had. I don’t believe I have any limitations. If I choose to make waves in this world in any field that I desire, I know that I can, simply because I am capable and it would be fun to do.

CONTACT: Contact{at}Te-Erika.Com

To Show Appreciation: USE PAYPAL or CASHAPP: $TeErikaPatterson Venmo: @TeErikaPatterson

32 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hey girl, Ive been watching your vids off and on over the past 3 years, while i been rebuilding my life lol. In a recent video you said you dont read emails so I hope it’s okay to reach out to you here. I know what you mean about not knowing how to interact with people to make your purpose effective. I wanted to be the mastermind behind something great, with someone else at the forefront who I felt people would be more receptive to. But on the real, fuck all dat (excuse my french no disrespect LOL) You are doing what you’re designed to do because only you can do it the way it needs to be done. The fact that you can’t give in to social norms allows you the inner strength to produce so many life changing ventures and opportunities. And that’s you, the value in being you and not worrying about how others receive you is what will move your project forward. Plenty of socially awkward people have friends and support…when they embrace and appreciate that awkwardness as a unique aspect of themselves. Anyway, I have shared your videos, I am a subscriber and I love what you are doing. I see you as an amazingly honest open strong and uncompromising Queen fulfilling a purpose and showing others how to be self-made and unapologetically true to themselves. Stay focused, you are building the momentum to make bigger moves. Much Love

  2. Hello TeErika! My name is Crystal, I’m 24 years old, and I go by Jon’VieveTheInfamous on Youtube where I promote body positivity, self love, self acceptance, spirituality, and a few beauty/style tips here and there lol. I just found your channel… and i must say… sooooo very inspiring! Your channel and your words came in the moment I needed some serious encouragement. I was actually looking up some videos on women moving to LA alone cause I’ve been thinking about it as well, for a while now, and your channel popped up and I’m so glad I found it. I’m only on Episode 73, lol but just had to pause for a moment to tell you how wonderful you are and how much I appreciate your transparency in this situation. It has really helped me in my journey of self love and understanding.
    I’m at that weird, awkward stage, i call the “Quarter Life Crisis” lol. Where I’m trying to figure out life and what I wanna do and its been very difficult. I have many talents (Sing, write, dance, paint, beauty, basically anything creative) but I don’t really know what to do with them and how to create multiple streams of income from them, that I can feel happy with, and without sucking all the fun out of them lol, especially with my YT channel. I feel stretched in a thousand different ways, not sure what I should do about it or how even to go about making a successful business(es). This summer, well a little bit before, God put a task on my heart that was very hard to wrap my head around, and sounds completely and TOTALLY CRAZY to 99.99% of the population. lol Yet somehow I mustered up the courage to do it and it hasn’t been working out the way I hopped it would. Over the past week the extent of it has really hit hard, and I’ve been feeling completely discouraged and depressed, (I’ve struggled with clinical depression almost all my life, over the past year I’ve had it under control until recenly) taking life hit after hit of… Honestly… random unnecessary BS!!! lol. And now its starting to affect my family life, and relationship with my Mother (whom I am Extremely close to) and its really been effecting my growth and spiritual awakening I’m currently going through as well lol. Just feeling stuck with little to no money, that urge to get out of here is stronger than ever. Just sooooo much stuff… and amongst all that I’ve managed to stumble upon your videos, and they have really help me to feel positive and encouraged. Literally on the day I found your videos, I was just telling God, “I’m tired of this place, I’m sick of being here, I wanna come home to you”… not suicidal but just that longing to disappear… and your really help me to see that its not so bad, it will get better, I don’t have to stay here in this place/city if I don’t want to I can move on. And again I can’t thankyou enough for starting this series and sharing your story, its gave me hope that there is something better for me on the other side of this. God just keep telling me to continue to do what I’m doing, and on my channel I’m all about body positivity and self love and sometimes its hard to continue when your “down in the dumps” lol. But again thankyou for your words, please continue to do what your doing, and if you have any advice for me on my situation or starting my own business I am open to any and everything. Maybe even work with you in the future lol? IDK but again thankyou thankyou thankyou! Please stay blessed! XOXO

  3. Hi Te-Erika,

    It’s me TASHEKA! 🙂 It was a pleasure seeing you the other day during your walk. It was definitely a surreal moment for me. I didn’t mean to scare you at all LOL… I was just so shocked, that it was really you. I want to say thank you for all that you do! You are a truly an amazing spirit.

    Love Tasheka Seepaul

    1. Hey Tasheka! I appreciated meeting you! That was an excellent hug you gave me. I felt so much love and appreciation. Thanks for taking the time to share it with me!

      1. Hey Te,
        You are one of the most attractive ladies I have ever found on the net. How come you are single?
        Would love to meet up with you.Lots of hugs and smooches.

  4. Hey Chica! I’ve been watching your vids for a while now. I moved to LA a few years ago near the same time you did and happened to find you while internet surfing about Moving to LA. You are truly an inspiration Like everyone else, thank you for sharing your story. It amazing to see such blunt, unedited honesty,and just plan being real which is rare in this city (for real though). Watching your videos reminds me a lot of being back home. I actually saw a video of you recently where you are at one of the studios where I work. Hit me up and I’d be happy to meet up and give you a tour.

    Best :)))

  5. Please Te-Erika,
    I know you are a busy woman but could you take the time to message me? You’re my inspiration but I need courage to take the next steps…you’re the only positive example I have…
    Thank you! Bless you!

  6. Hey Te-Erika! I’ve been following you for YEARS! I just moved to LA yesterday and I’d love to meet you soon. I hope all is well.

  7. Hey Te-Erika, I recently found your youtube series because I want to move to L.A. and I wanted to for years. I have a unique situation that may make it harder to move to and live in L.A. I’m a college graduate with a B.A. but I’m on a fixed income and I can’t find a job in my current cities. Anyway, I still want to move to L.A. How can someone on a fixed income move safely?

  8. Te-Erkia,
    Good morning/afternoon/evening! I recently read your piece in the Atlantic about the struggles faced by Ph.D. students, and I wanted to say that it resonated with the experiences I had in the master’s program I just completed. I am hoping to write about my experiences, and I was hoping you could offer some pointers on finding the information you utilized. Thanks for your time, and have a great day!

  9. Hi Te-Erika, I stumbled upon your videos a couple years ago but just recently( 2 weeks ago) begin really viewing them and your journey in Los Angeles. I look at you with such inspiration. While I am accomplished like you, have my own home, been divorced and now a single mom of two, I feel like I’m just beginning to live my life. What I enjoy about you is that you beat to your own drum. You don’t let your circumstances or challenges stop you. You don’t wait for people you do things your self. While I’m like you in many ways I admire your independence and ability to do things by yourself. I want people to experience life with. Sometimes that calls for me to wait on people. But you Erika you live, explore and enjoy the adventure of life. I often think I’m so free spirited and independent but look at you and it calls for me to redefine what those words really are for me. Your anazing😀

  10. thanks Te-Erkia,

    Ive just read your blog on “10 fears you must overcome when starting a new business”. I was feeling a little low, point 5 and 6 struck a nerve and made me feel better. gave me a little boost.

    keep up the good work.

    best wishes,


  11. Teericka,
    You disabled your comments so I’m reaching out here…
    My heart goes out to you, your mom and your sons. I pray that your mom, your sons and the rest of your family are safe during hurricane Irma.

  12. Hi Te-Erika,

    I moved to LA over a year ago, was staying with a crazy roommate in Crenshaw for a couple of months. Then I moved to Westlake where I’m at right now. My apartment is infested with bed bugs and I’ve been trying to get rid of them. Currently sitting at my desk and too afraid to go in my bed because I saw a bed bug on my pillow. I’ve been binging your videos all night since I can’t get a good night’s sleep.

    I’ve spent so many night crying and wondering how it’s gonna work out, this city is so expensive and I just want to live in a decent place.

    It really makes me happy to see that things worked out for you. I’m definitely a supporter!

  13. Thanks so much for your FLR efforts which keep me motivated to submit to and worship the Black Women in my life. Please let me know if You ever visit the Washington DC area.

    Best wishes,

  14. Hey Te-Erika!

    I just found your videos and although I wish I found them sooner, they are helpful right now too. I came to LA from FL with no money..just a place to stat for a while. I have managed to get by background acting and some other stuff. I just got out of a crazy roommate experience. I met him through Craigslist. It was awful. He stole my laptop and notebooks with all of my work. Everything, gone. So I am back to having nothing…but I WILL bounce back. I just wanted to tell you, you arent just an inspiration to women or to African Americans. I am a white male and I am so inspired by you! You are a brave soul and very smart. Keep doing what you are doing!

    I am living in my car right now and have a gym membership to shower and all that. It isnt ideal, but I refuse to give up!! I will bounce back better and stronger than ever! Thank you.

  15. Hello,
    I have just discovered your blog and some of your youtube content. WOW!! Thank you. although I have 20 years on you, I totally relate and admire the courage you have to have created all of what you have. Personally speaking, it has inspired me to want to take that leap that I have wanted to for so so long!!! I love your honesty and the personal things you disclosed about yourself. We need so much more of this in the world, it is so refreshing to hear someone be real, truly real!!!

  16. You! Smh. Lol. You are everything that I aspire to be! I stumbbled across you a few years back on Youtube and you introduced me to the wonder world of FLRs. Fast forward years later and I see you again on YouTube doing Rebuild Your Life , Moving to LA, and so much more! I’m very proud of you and inspired by your growth. I feel that we have so much in common and that you would be a great mentor! If there is anyway that you can work with me personally/coaching session then please let me know. I could really use some help and guidance with my book, my business/websits, and etc. Also, you are absolutely beautiful inside and out and I mean that as professionally as possible! Lmbo!

  17. Hey my Patrick Malone I watched your video about why still single I available if you still single call me or text sometime I’m cool dude my number is 901 6536212

  18. I listen to your youtube video regarding dating a coulpe and thought yourmentality were of an ideal women/goddess, however from the mind eye i refer to that as vibrating on a higher frequency inwhich im meeting you on that level. your website is very much filled with acheivements that anyone should be able to appreciate, and i appreciate you just because you are a compliment in itself thank you for being. Futhermore, if anything I would like to build sum business substance with you as a president of my own record label. Please feel free to contact our office or email us ceo@elmessehpyramidrecords.com

  19. Oh my my-I’ve been looking for FLR love in wrong places. Thanks for this. I’m grateful I found you. I’ve been single now for seventeen years. I’ve had many relationships with females and I’ve made attempts to proceed on own to make FLR happen but always come up short. I’ve been scammed, abused physically and emotionally and of course, I’ve gotten into traditional heterosexual relationships that led to dead ends. I’m a semiretired RN. I have more time than ever to devote to pleasing, loving and adoring a woman who truly appreciates my efforts. I am a gentle man. I’ve not been in a formal FLR-yet, but now that I read and “listen” here, I’m ready. Appreciate you. tim

  20. I’m a man from Europe. How Much Men Are Ready To Accept The Female Lead Relationship Idea, Having Experiences With Counseling, And What are the Results In These Relationships And Marriages Where Are The Ideas Of Female Leadership Accepted? Thank you for understanding

  21. Hi Te-Erika,

    Been trying to subscribe to your newsletter at loving FLR. However the button doesn’t direct me to a subscribe page to fill in my credentials. It just shoots me to the top of the page.

    Kind regards,

  22. Hello Te-Erika The Oracle, Congratulations!!! On a life well lived:) You, are such an inspiration to me, to be Bold, to be Strong, to be Real. I have tears in my eyes, tears of joy. I used to follow the whole LA journey and remembered when you self published your first book, It’s Not A Sin To Be Single. I was so happy for you when you received that first copy. Great book! It has helped me to thrive. I just came across you again…Wow! What a life. You are so Bold, so Real, so Beautiful. You continue to inspire me, embolden me, and have helped me to embrace me. Thank you for sharing your journey, it’s a blueprint.

  23. Good day Ma’am. Thank you for the awakening regarding this Female Led Society. I don’t think it’s radical at all, throughout history, women have been in positions of power and authority, but modern day society reveals it’s not enough now, I am in my 50’s, I have lived in the society-dictated gender based society for my entire adult life and have recently said it’s enough. When I was led to your podcast it’s been non-stop listening to it, and I look forward to more of your podcasts, as well as buying your books as well, I’ve already made a donation to the cause, and will continue to do so.

  24. Hi beautiful my name is Gregory valentine. I lived in Baton Rouge for about a year so I know about la being a magical land in the south! I live in Baltimore and I am retired now. I love your personality And your charming eyes!you should read Langston Hughes I think u will find that u share some character traits! Well stay positive and keep the faith!!

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