Since 2003, Te-Erika has created thousands of inspirational blog posts, vlogs, documentaries, books, online courses and music albums. Join in the fun!

Published Articles

As a journalist, Te-Erika’s investigative reports and insights have appeared in dozens of publications, both online and in print, including The Atlantic, The Miami Herald, The Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur.Com

Grants Awarded

Te-Erika offers financial grants to women who are starting over in life or need a boost to their next level. These grants are awarded from Te-Erika’s personal savings. 

Blog Platforms

From helping women overcome abusive relationships to teaching men to be more supportive to women to exploring the stigma behind mental health, Te-Erika has created multiple blog platforms designed to inspire peace of mind.

Social Movements

Te-Erika believes that improving our society begins with our communities pulling together to evolve from within. Check out these social movements that Te-Erika has initiated. 

My Podcasts

Te-Erika’s soothing voice can be accessed through her many podcasts where she offers inspiring wisdom, direct insights and provocative explorations of our society and it’s underlying issues. 

Music Albums

Te-Erika has created 3 albums of inspirational music. Her son Saidon, a music producer in Florida, produced all of her albums.

Te-Erika on YouTube

Te-Erika has been a YouTuber since 2007. With 3 YouTube channels and more than a million views, Te-Erika is an internet celebrity vlogging about her life journey and sharing tips for mental health and personal success. 

Support Groups for Relocating

Starting over in a life in a new city is no easy task. Te-Erika has created support groups to help manage the transition.