Te-Erika helps transform professionals into experts in their field by building the assets they need to showcase their credibility.  been building brands online since 2003. Her ability to versed in creating brand empires. 

Book Writing

Te-Erika will guide you to write and self-publish your book in 30 days. She will walk with you through the process of realizing your dream of becoming a published author – guaranteed.

Become an Author

Choose from ebook or print book publishing and join the Book Writing Coaching Program. You will be given Te-Erika’s personal formula for creating and self-publishing a book in 30 days or less. 

You will be guided to-

  • Identify your book’s premise
  • Create Your Outline
  • Create a book cover
  • Write each chapter
  • Edit your book
  • Publish your book on Amazon
Te-Erika Patterson

Confidence Coaching for Women

What’s stopping you from living a Free & Fearless life? Te-Erika will help you to identify what makes you fumble and eliminate those obstacles. 

Live a Free & Fearless Life

Living a Free & Fearless life means shedding those beliefs that hold you back from taking risks and going after your dreams. Te-Erika lives an authentic and fearless life, creating every dream she has for herself despite minimal resources.

Joining the Confidence Coaching Program allows you to experience up to 8 private, one on one meetings with Te-Erika to evaluate your life so that she can offer you tools that will push you forward towards your dream life. 

HERO Husband
Happy Wife

Relationship Coaching for the FUTURE of humanity. 

Relationship Coaching

Our world will be a better place when men take their rightful stance as HEROES in their relationships.

The HERO Husband HAPPY Wife Relationship Coaching Program guides couples and singles through the process of learning how to become more supportive in their relationships.

Men yearn to be HEROES and women desire to be HAPPY. The obstacles standing in the way are many and we will tackle them one by one. 

Te-Erika Patterson

Expert Status Branding

Te-Erika helps transform professionals into experts in their field.

Become an Expert

Are you wondering what it takes to be known as an expert in your field? Your professional skills can be transformed into EXPERT status with branding guidance. 

Te-Erika will guide you to build the assets you need to showcase your expertise. She will work with you to create your superpower image and work with you to create a brand that proves you are at the top of your field. 


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