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Women’s Empowerment Projects

Te-Erika Patterson is a women’s empowerment teacher who focuses on mental health and personal success. Read about her projects below.

The Rebuild Your Life Project

The Rebuild Your Life Project was Te-Erika’s journey into and out of homelessness. She gave away everything that she owned and became homeless on purpose in order to teach how to overcome the fear of failure.  During the 4 month project, she also organized a job fair for women in distress and donated a $650 rental assistance grant to a woman in need.

To watch the 4 month journey into and out of homelessness cataloged in episodes on Youtube visit this link or read about the highlights on My Savvy Sisters, her women’s empowerment blog.


The Rebuild Your Life Project- Los Angeles

The Rebuild Your Life Project- Los Angeles is an empowerment outreach aimed to teach women how to navigate a life altering relocation. Te-Erika allowed the women of her women’s empowerment blog to choose a city for her to move to- they chose  Los Angeles. On June 27, 2012, Te-Erika moved to Los Angeles with less than $200, no friends, family, support, transportation and without ever having visited the city.

She has been documenting her journey in videos on Youtube as she teaches how to survive an extreme life transition both mentally and physically. She is also offering $1,000 grants to women who have moved to Los Angeles to start over in life.

To watch all of the episodes from this (ongoing) journey visit this link or read more about it in this article on Elite Daily. 

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