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Our MISSION TO Establish a female led society

We are ready to usher in a new era, the era of a Female Led Society. We aim to establish world peace through the empowerment of women. As the Creators of all Life we women have offered our lives, our intelligence and our courage to evoke progress for all humanity. We are learning to recognize the gift of womanhood, to appreciate the spirit of femininity and to cherish the unheralded wisdom we possess. 

We are not asking for permission. We are not asking for your support. We are not asking for a hand out. We do not need it. It is our time.

We are standing up for our inherent leadership abilities and we challenge you to aid in our ascension as leaders of society. If you can not stand with us, then at least do not stand in our way.
Intentional Leadership

In this new era, women will be trained in the art of Intentional Leadership. Women will be exposed to the ideas that they should lead their lives by focusing on a vision that feeds their soul and promotes their communities.

Social Reconstruction
In this new era, antiquated and destructive social constructs, expectations and cultural rituals will be dismissed and new ideals will be introduced. These new ideals will benefit humankind. Women will be the facilitators and teachers.
Celebration of Feminine Power

Women and men will stand together to celebrate and nurture the uprising of Feminine Power. Feminine Power is a woman's acknowledgment that she owns her body, her mind and her decisions and she will therefore make deliberate choices for her life.

"A new day is on the horizon! 

And when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women... and some pretty phenomenal men, fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say 'Me too' again."

~ Oprah Winfrey

A Manifesto for a Female led society

Emancipating the rights oF women

Women are no longer considered to be the property of men.

Women now own their bodies, all parts of it and everything that it produces.

Female Genital Mutilation is a crime against humanity.

No man can tell a woman what she can and cannot do to her body.

Women seek higher education and professional opportunities without limit.

Female Infanticide has no place in our Society. Girls have a right to life.

No girl or woman will be forced to marry without her consent.

Men cannot touch a woman or express a desire to touch a woman without consent.

Women are not abused by partners.

Women are not discriminated against in professions.

Single women are valuable members of Society.

Marriage does not determine a woman’s worth.

Motherhood does not determine a woman’s worth.

Women are vocal about abuse by men and these men are held accountable for their abuse.

Religious texts that determine women to be inferior to men are invalid.


Tune in as Te-Erika Patterson, the founder of our Female Led Society, shares her ideas, insights and leadership goals. 


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100 Powerful women
we want to lead our Female led society

Abigail Johnson American businesswoman

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez American politician

Alina Popa Romanian bodybuilder

Amy Goodman American broadcaster

Angela Bassett American actress

Angela Merkle Chancellor of Germany

Ava Duvernay  American director/producer

Becky Hammon American basketball player/coach

Beyonce American singer-songwriter

Brene Brown Researcher

Candace Owens American commentator

Celine Dion Canadian singer

Cher American singer

Chidera Eggerue British blogger

Chrystia Freeland Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada

Claire Denis French film director

Dee Reese American screenwriter

Debra Lampshire New Zealand activist

Demi Lovato American singer-songwriter

Eleanor Longden British psychologist

Eleanor Holmes Norton American congresswoman

Elizabeth Warren United States Senator

Ellen DeGeneres American comedian

Erin Burnett American news anchor

Erykah Badu American singer-songwriter

Esther Hicks American inspirational speaker/author

Frederica Wilson American congresswoman

Gabrielle Union American actress

Gal Gadot Israeli actress

Gina Prince-Bythewood American film director

Gloria Allred American attorney

Golda Meir Former Prime Minister of Israel

Hillary Clinton American politician

Isabella Lövin Swedish politician

Jacqui Dillon British author

Jane Campion New Zealand screenwriter

Janet Mock American author/activist

Janice Johnson Dias Social activist

Jen Sincero American author

Jenna Bush-Haggar American author

Jill Abramson American journalist

Jodi Kantor American journalist

Jodie Foster American actress/director/producer

Kamala Harris United States Senator

Katrina vanden Heuvel American editor

Kim Kardashian American television personality

Kimberly Peirce American film director

Kris Jenner American television personality

Kristen Gillibrand United States Senator

Lady Gaga American singer-songwriter

Linda Ellerbee American journalist

Lisa Nichols American inspirational speaker/author

Peng Lei Chinese business executive

Lynn Toler American lawyer

Madeleine Albright American politician

Madonna American singer-songwriter

Malala Pakistani activist

Mariah Carey American singer-songwriter

Marie Forleo American inspirational speaker/author

Martha Osamor Nigerian-British politician

Marine Le Pen French politician

Mary Barra American business executive

Mary Kom Indian boxer

Maureen Dowd American columnist

Maxine Waters American congresswoman

Michelle Obama American lawyer/author

Missy Elliott American rapper/record producer

Nancy Pelosi American politician

Oprah American media executive

Patricia L. Turner American surgeon

Pink American singer-songwriter

Precious Moloi-Motsepe South African businesswoman

Rachal Kramer Bussel American author

Ronda Rousey American wrestler/mixed martial artist

Ruth Bader Ginsberg U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice

Ruth Manorama Indian social activist

Sarah Blakely American businesswoman

Sarah Lucas English artist

Serena Williams American professional tennis player

Seyi Oluyole Nigerian choreographer/activist

Shakira Colombian singer-songwriter

Sheryl Sandberg American technology executive

Solange Knowles American singer-songwriter

Soledad O'Brien American news anchor

Stephanie Gilmore Australian professional surfer

Susan Collins United States Senator

Sushma Swaraj Minister of External Affairs of India

Tammy Duckworth United States Senator

Theresa May British Prime Minister

Tina Fey American actress

Traci Young-Byron American dancer/choreographer

Tomi Lahren American commentator

Tulsi Gabbard American congresswoman

Tyra Banks American television personality

Ursula Burns American businesswoman

Valerie Jarrett American businesswoman

Viola Davis American actress

Wanda Jackson American singer-songwriter

Wendy Williams American television host

Whoopi Goldberg American actress

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meet our team

Te-erika patterson


Te-Erika Patterson is the founder of Female Led Society and leads the development of the movement. She focuses on educating our society on the benefits of a Female Led Society and retraining them to honor and empower women.



Robert  serves as an assistant to the Founder and liaison for the coaching programs.


the benefits of A female led society

Reduction in crime

Social Innovation

World Peace

Happier marriages and families

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