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Te-Erika is a self-directed Journalist/News Show Host & Producer, Author, Social Influencer and Human Rights Defender. She works to inspire world peace through empowering women and improving mental health for all. 

Te-Erika is originally from Miami, Florida. Since 2010 she has created multiple support programs for women including self funded grants for women to assist with gas, groceries and rental assistance. 

Her digital empire spans more than 2 decades and consists of a news show, 18 books, 3 music albums, more than 2,000 YouTube videos, 4 podcast shows, a dozen blog platforms, hundreds of articles, coaching programs and online classes that inspire fans to live freely.

Life is NOT a Test.

- Te-Erika

Other Projects by Te-Erika

Te-Erika Patterson

Loving Female Led Relationships

Moving To New Orleans Support

Be Single & Free Community for Singles

Be Single & Free

Free Lawn Care Service For Single Women in New Orleans

Embracing a New World

A Manifesto for a Female Led Society

Our Female Led Society welcomes any person who is
ready to create a new world that doesn’t assign social roles based on genitalia, skin color or culture.

For far too long we have been entrenched in a male dominated Society without questioning why we upheld the belief that masculine leadership was the only choice. By embracing a Female Led Society we have broken the curse of patriarchy, the old norm that held us back from experiencing peace and progress in this world.

Te-Erika Patterson

5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hey my name is Jasmine I seen your video on YouTube about 10 reason why I’m single. I’m going through a similar situation. I have social anxiety and also suffer from bad breath at times. I’ve been working but I don’t have good dental insurance yet. I get hurt and tease everyday because of it. I just wanted to know how do you cope with social anxiety

  2. Hi Erika !!!
    I found you a couple weeks ago through @reggieart and I think you are so incredibly confident and interesting!!! I love your strong female empowerment message !!! That’s how I grew up. I saw your post on ig ! Are you a tour guide down in Nola ? I saw you give ghost tours…
    I’d love to attend one of your tours !
    My partner and I are giving in the street art tours regularly in Nola and would be interested in working with you as well !
    I am French btw but intend on putting down roots here,

  3. Hello Ms Te Erika,

    My name is joe, Wife is Robyn. I was wondering if You had any resources for a Christian couple for FLR? We tried it once and i fell away from her and God but want to try again. Please let me know if there any out there?

    Gratefully submitted.

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