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The New Rules for Interacting With Women In the Workplace

Te-Erika Patterson – The New Rules for Engaging Women at Work

Today I presented a very succint guideline for how men should and should not interact with women in the workplace following the #MeToo Movement, which exposed the rampant sexual abuse that pervades businesses across all fields.

I was prompted to write this set of guidelines after a blog reader wrote in to ask me for advice about how to ease his fear of women following the #MeToo Movement. The same day a female blog reader sent in her thoughts of how men are now afraid of women and days later, a random man I met on Tinder shared the same sentiments. Twelve hours later, The New Rules for Engaging Women at Work Corporate Training for Workplace Harmony was created. The New Rules offer company policy guidelines that can be implemented into any business culture to promote workplace harmony.

My intention is to offer businesses very firm guidelines for how men can be supportive to women in the workplace and how women can use their newfound power to provoke business progress.

The best parts about this FREE REPORT is how I redefine flirting in the workplace and set strict guidelines for how men should approach women they are attracted to at work.

I also encourage women not to abuse their power and to become intentional leaders. Intentional Leadership happens when a woman deliberately makes decisions that will impact the people she leads with the best interests of all involved. The adverse leadership style would be selfish leadership where the leader motivates people to help her achieve greatness for her own benefit.

I hope to challenge men to a higher standard with women and I also hope to teach women that they can and should lead intentionally and with integrity.

If you like The New Rules for Engaging Women at Work guidelines, please share them with your boss, your HR manager and your friends to elevate the discussion around ways men can become a part of the women’s empowerment movement.


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